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 Bush is not pro-life? What!?  
Item submitted by Unregistered on Thu 26 Aug 2004 - 17:42 h  
An argument has been made by some Kerry Catholics, that goes something like this. "Bush says he is pro-life. Abortion is still legal. Thus, Bush is really not pro-life." This is weak. President Bush has a list of pro-life accomplishments which he and Catholics should be proud of. Kerry Catholics claim nothing on this list has led us to undoing the legality of abortion. I disagree.

So, I ask the Kerry Catholics what more could President Bush do? Sure, he could talk about abortion at ever stop, in every venue, in every speech. And given that the federal judiciary truly holds the keys to outlawing abortion, he could appoint openly pro-life judges (and justices to the Supreme Court) and if the Senate refuses to confirm them, he could recess appoint them. Or he could leave the judgeships vacant exacerbating the crisis in our federal judiciary. He could frustrate senators who will not confirm his pro-life judges by vetoing legislation, esp. government spending. And I mean all spending. Shut it down, like they did in the mid '90s.

Would he succeed? Probably not. He would likely alienate Republican senators and congressmen, likely cripple the federal judiciary, and the office of the presidency. And this would lead to a probable Democratic victory during the next elections which would halt any progress in the fight to end abortion. As well, the mark against the pro-life movement and its supporters would be very damaging. So, instead President Bush chooses other avenues to advance the culture of life. This is done within the political reality in which he must work. Though they are small steps they are very welcome.

Just as those who viewed the evil of slavery in the mid 1800s and believed it was not a permanent institution laid out by the Founders, pro-lifers see the evil of abortion and also believe it is is not a permanent institution enshrined in the Constitution by the Supreme Court. We look to a day when abortion will be illegal. It will come. We look to a day when we can solely focus on other issues of importance to all Catholics--capital punishment, the war on terror, health care, education, care for the needy, etc. Until that day, Catholics must choose leaders who will advance the course toward ending abortion, how ever slow it may be.
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Theodore Roosevelt

"To announce that there should be no criticism of the president, or that we are to stand by the president, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American people."

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